Thank you for visiting my collection. I hope that you enjoy reading this work as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope that the list keeps getting longer and more diverse.

MIAP Info Session

This is a news article about the information session being held at the Tisch School of the Arts in December for the Spring Class of 2022. This school is for film students, and it has a special program for MIAP or Moving Image Archive and Preservation. December 2021.

MLA Conference in Prague

This is a news article on Video Librarian about the Music Library Association’s yearly conference which is taking place this year in Prague. They are requesting papers. The article was published in November 2021, but the organization will be accepting papers until January 31st, 2022.


This is a short story about a koala bear whose human leaves her. There was some research and I would like to thank the National Geographic page and Google for their info on koala bears. In particular, there was a file that actually played the sound of a koala bear yipping. That was really great. I hope you like the story.

Her Collection

This one is a paranormal piece of flash fiction about a man who uses a strange amulet to make sure his girlfriend’s male friends stay away in a way.

Snake Eyes

This is a short, short piece of flash fiction about a man who lets evil in to keep things from overwhelming him.

Back to Joy

I wrote this for a short read. A couple who is long since dead frolic among the stars of Heaven until a greedy man tries to steal their life force.


This was a news article written for a local news outlet, Coral Gables News, about the American Legion’s Memorial Day Event for 2021. Enjoy the paper. My article is on page 3. Blessings. It was published in April 2021.


This was a feature article written for the online magazine, Video Librarian, about the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. It was published in April 2021. Enjoy the magazine. It contains some excellent film reviews and essays about film.


The creative and modern magazine features poetry, fiction and essays. The editors there published my essay in their Fall 2021 Culture Issue. So happy! Hope you like the magazine. It is beautiful. It features work by those who live on the borders.

NACo Award Winners

This is a new article on Video Librarian. It relates what some of the award winners accomplished to win. The ceremony was also online for members and was exciting. The article is short.

Monsters Who Aren’t so Monstrous

This is a new essay on Video Librarian. Just in time for All Hallows, this post looks at three scary dudes: Frankenstein, the Creeper and the Mummy. It discusses why the “normal” people around them had more scary tendencies.

Veteran”s History Project

Just wrote this article for Video Librarian about new online exhibit at the Library of Congress. They are interviewing veterans from all wars since WWI to preserve their oral history.

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