A Sci-fi Adventure, A Poetry Collection and A Guide: Reviewed

Death Hunt on a Dying Planet, by Gary Alan Ruse

It was exciting and wonderful to read this book. The writer did an impressive job at fulfilling the expectations of a sci-fi adventure lover like me.

I liked some aspects of this book. It was non-stop action. I enjoyed how each scene built upon the previous scene, and rather than have one critical moment of action, it had a continuous series of action packed scenes that led to an inevitable conclusion.

It was an interesting look at robot sci-fi, too. Most of the main characters were robots who had distinct personalities. That leads me to the next strength of the book. Death Hunt on a Dying Planet introduces us to a large ensemble of truly unforgettable characters. Who can forget Cleera, the robot in charge of a team who doubts her abilities? What about Razer, the elite female assassin who has a score to settle with the cyborg?

Fun stuff.

The monsters are repulsive and frightening. There are rotted plague victims violently intent on killing the heroes. There are large, robotic scorpions programmed to shoot to kill anything with their tails’ lasers. Plus, there is an evil man at the helm of the corporation who has a need to destroy for power.

The novel is a genre fiction in which a woman is awakened by a robot after being in a cryogenic sleep for eight hundred years. She immediately finds herself in danger as agents from the evil Corporation want to kidnap her. On her side is the University, some clever robots and a mysterious cyborg.

The tale takes the rescue adventure story down new and imaginative paths and is worth a read for enjoyment.

Mr. Ruse is working on a steampunk novel at this time.

These Few Seeds, by Meghan Sterling

I found this poet and instructor by chance after hearing one of the amazing lectures on Authors Publish. The organization specializes in supporting writers in any level of development. I heard her lecture and had to read the book.

These Few Seeds is a collection of poems relating to the experience of motherhood during a time of climate change, societal change and global anxiety. In the book’s pages lie treasures of sprouting green leaves among the cracked dry asphalt of an existence plagued by crises.

Reading it was a revelatory experience. I loved reading about her joyous experiences with her newborn. When she laced the words in her poems together, I was constantly amazed by the surprising word pairings.

The collection is in five parts consisting of 72 poems, I believe. The subject of the poems are motherhood, nature, sexuality, maturity, womanhood and climate change. She touches on many subjects in new ways and endears the reader by sharing an experience and not just a description.

I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it. Sterling has a new book coming out in March, 2023.

The Grit Guide for Teens, by Caren Baruch-Feldman

This book should have been around when my generation was kicking back listening to Nirvana. If it was required reading in class, we would have read it (maybe with a little attitude, but hey…)

I enjoyed the logical and clear direction within this book. Even though the book is geared toward the YA market, I think that the principles it espouses can help anyone.

The Grit Guide for Teens uses techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy as well as mindfulness to teach how to increase chances of success in whatever desired outcome. Baruch-Feldman makes the point that people aren’t just focused on academic success but need to develop in multiple ways. Some might need to become more at ease in social situations while others would like to develop artistic skill. The writer lists exercises to aid teens and others in setting and then achieving goals that mean something to them. It doesn’t have to be what someone else wants, but what the individual wants to achieve that matters.

I spent quite a bit of time studying the exercises in this book and it helped me understand how to set goals that were meaningful to my situation at the present time. I also enjoyed the refresher on setting SMART goals.

This book is an excellent manual for setting yourself up to succeed without getting overwhelmed after seeing clearly where your true desires lie.

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