Chords: An Original Poem


Stately progress through a gilded hall
Velvet slippers on marble floor
Nobles all dancing carefully,
Grace in pearls and corsets.
Soft hose, everything clean,
I wish that I could be among
The clean.
I have an ungainly walk.
My hips are too large.
I am a rhino among gazelles.

Clinking glasses filled with spiced liquids
Matrons enjoying their sweet confections
While their young charges
Twirl and dip
Smiling. All smiles.
Across the room, I spy
A serving man pouring gravy
Into a round porcelain serving bowl
With blue and gold trim.
The server is a rhino just like me.
I stop and smile.
He blushes the red of spring
My mistress smiles at me with a modest
Gazelle mouth.
I have spread Joy.

Helen Lemus, 2023.

Location Miami, Florida USA E-mail Hours M - Th 8 - 10 PM EST and Saturday 4 - 8 PM EST
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