Zen Di Pietro: Let’s Play–Author Profile

I started reading an immensely fun space opera today called Translucid, Book 1 of the Dragonfire Station Series. It is set on a space station where the main character awakens to find herself unable to remember her identity or the people in her life. I am 20 pages in and am enjoying the ride.

Its author, Zen DiPietro, is a talented and prolific writer. I just want to know all about her because I love cosplay and so does she. I am wondering if she’s a Trekkie and why she likes noodles.

DiPietro has many speculative fiction titles, science fiction and fantasy, too. While reading Translucid, I have developed the impression that she has knowledge of computing, the brain, relationships and memory. The Dragonfire Station feels like a great world to inhabit with her during the course of reading. I like her world building technique. She introduces the world while she is bringing us the central question for the main character. In this case, Eme wants to know who she is.

I got the following info off of her social media. (I am not stalking the woman, I was interested in doing an interview with her for a common project. Honest!)

“I like noodles and cats. I like the word “if” because it changes everything. My best stories and art come from me asking “What if…?” I like trying things even if I’m no good at them. I like thinking and laughing. I like it when my cat doesn’t attack my feet when I’m sleeping. Most of all, I like writing stories that mean something to other people.”

DiPietro is a Mom, but seems to be the kind of cool Mom that everyone likes.
Here is a partial list of Zen DiPietro books. She has authored over 30 books of science fiction. Her books average between 4 and 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Facing Fortune 2015 fantasy
  • Seeking Sorrow 2015 fantasy
  • Translucid 2016 space opera
  • Fragments 2016 space opera
  • The Cost of Business 2016 science fiction
  • Coalescence 2017 science fiction
  • Selling Out 2017 science fiction
  • Fool’s Gold 2017 science fiction
  • The Heart Shaped Chest 2019 science fiction
  • Trailblazer 2019 fantasy
  • Jiyu’s Underworld Hit List 2021 general fiction

I will try to interview her as soon as I am able.

See you on the other side! Happy reading.

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