Seashell Secrets XX

Sori walked to the door of the house she had called home for as long as she could remember. She paused with just a bit of indecisiveness. What could she say to her Mother? She looked at the door knocker. It was shaped like a rose and beautiful. She looked back at Big Marky’s car and he smiled at her and waved. Sori exhaled powerfully and knocked.

The door opened before she could think, and her Mother rushed into her arms.

“You were right,” they both spoke at once.
Sori and her Mother laughed. Her Mother was holding Sori’s arms so hard that Sori thought that she would bruise. She didn’t really care. For all her bravado, it had been really difficult to think that she would never see her family again.

“I will go to Tallahassee, but I want to be able to come back on weekends, and if the band tours, there has to be a way to communicate,” Sori sputtered. She wanted to sound like she had something that her Mother wanted. She wanted to persuade her Mother and show her strength.

“I don’t really care,” said her Mother, with her brows raised in worry. “Just please don’t ever disappear like that again, Sori. Ok?” It was then that Sori noticed the redness in her Mother’s eyes and realized that she had not slept. Sori felt terrible.

“I will make that up to you, Mom. I was totally wrong,” she said. Sori looked back at Big Marky and waved.

“Sori, I think that we could get you a special phone card. Your Father has a client who always calls him from Peru. Your Dad said something about it, but I stop listening after he starts going on,” said her Mother. “Where did you go last night?”

“Let’s just say that my friends have hard lives, Mom. We are really lucky,” she answered.

“Yes, we are,” said her Mother, leading her into the house and shutting the door. Outside, beyond the broad expanse of grass, rose bushes and jasmine, the road led Big Marky away. He wondered what he would do now? His friends were all leaving, his girl (sort of) was moving to the other side of the state, and he had graduated. There was nothing for him but partying and fixing cars. As he drove back to his neighborhood, he wondered about the powder blue Cadillac that his cousin Fermin wanted to fix up. It would take a lot to fix up its body. Marky would probably score a grand or more on that job.

Lully lay in bed. She had finally slept after the horrible night of bad dreams and anxiety. She was in a deep sleep when her Dad jumped into her room like a happy gorilla. He swung onto her bed and bounced around. She woke up and almost cursed her Dad.

“Papi, what is up with you,” she asked, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“You can’t sleep all day, little one,” he replied, smiling.

“Yes, I can. There’s no school,” she said and dropped back into the bed.

“Nope, but there is band practice. You need to get some breakfast and get going,” he said.

“Band practice,” she asked.

“Welcome to the jungle,” he said.

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