My Childhood Wishes, Original Poem

Star bright, star light, first star that I see tonight,
I wish I could meet my father once or maybe twice,
Maybe my mother could teach me to sing by sight,
I wish my room were as cold as ice, so nice.

I wish that I could fly though the night air,
Maybe soar above the plane's flight so fast,
Then come back in time for Grandma's care,
When she could tuck me in like the night past.

In my dreams, my family would be at peace,
No bankruptcies or fights in silence kept,
The gnawing termites in the piano would cease,
And my mother never would have wept.

My childhood wishes faded in the slip of time
When careless conduct buried possibility 
Under the train tracks of useless rhyme
When reason was more of a necessity.

This was another poem that I wrote in response to the day’s prompt from The 365 Poetry Journal.

Notes on poem

In the poem, I looked back on the things that seemed to be most important to me as a child. It was interesting that I didn’t ask for toys or food. I don’t remember ever wanting much food, even though we didn’t have a lot. I always felt like I was missing something, but I had everything that kids seem to want. It just seemed that everyone else had a Dad.

My mother was a concert pianist and played beautifully. I always wanted to be able to read music on sight. She practiced with me, but I thought that it was just something magical that you could just do without thought. It didn’t dawn on me until much later that she had spent all of her young life at a conservatory in Cuba learning how to play as she did.

I always wanted to fly through the air after traveling in airplanes as a child. I was never afraid of heights until very recently. Now, I am petrified of being far from the ground. I would always peek out the window as a child and watch the planes fly by, imagining that one day, I would fly them, too. I never could. I missed the vision acuity exam in the Air Force because I am myopic.

Those were my childhood dreams. It’s interesting how things change over the years and how some do come true. I have had many dreams come true for which I am grateful. I only listed the ones that did not come true in this poem. I have had to face a somber reality today, and it’s touched my mood.

Do you have any childhood dreams that you care to fix up into a bit of poetry?

Happy writing!😊

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