Just keep blogging!

Why do I like to blog?

Between my home life, school and work, blogging sometimes gets crushed into dust. I love it, though and always come back to it. Why do we do it?

Many of you who read blogs have blogs of your own or are thinking about starting one. I am sure you are with me on some of these points. These are some of the reasons why I like to blog and am seriously considering making it my sole occupation.

Connecting with folks from other places.
This is one of the major perks of blogging. When I started my blog, some people as near as Texas and as far as India started following my blog. I followed them, and it has been so rewarding. I get to read about what is happening in their spheres and see beautiful pictures of breathtaking scenery and eye-catching birds, animals and plants. Plus, I get to see what is important to them where they are. On Social Media, you get a sound bite, in WordPress, you get the in-depth content.

Participate in the community.
When one of us just releases a new book or starts a new crowdfunding campaign, we really. It is nice to know that one of us just released a new children’s book, another a YA book and another just retired after many years of teaching. It really makes it great to blog when you get to find out about each other’s struggles and successes.

Practice Space.
It’s so nice to have a place to share my work with other people. I had a series that no one seemed to like because I needed to refine the work and devote more time to it. I took it off, but I was given the opportunity to test drive the idea in a relatively safe space. That’s priceless!

A Place to Showcase
When I started the blog, before I decided to head back to grad school, I used to post links to my work online. It was wonderful because people could read the magazine articles, the magazine received exposure and I had a place to collect the clips in case a client wanted to see them. Other bloggers do this, and it seems to work for them.

Establish an Artistic Routine.
Every muscle atrophies if it is not used. I think about this when I am writing. If I don’t write regularly, it’s more difficult to get started. When I am blogging, I get into a routine that exercises my creative muscles. I am constantly trying to get things into the blog about writing and literature. It kicks me out of the sedentary habit of working, eating, sleeping and what else and forces me to do some writing jumping jacks.

Mental Health
Okay. I don’t know how many of you know, but I live with an illness. It is depressing and quite the burden. As far as burdens go, others have it worse, but my burden sometimes gets heavy for me. Blogging gives me some rest from that. If I am focusing on writing a post about Martin Caidin or Emily Dickinson, I don’t have time to stress about other things. I want to do this for the people reading and know that good content helps others. The process of putting that content together helps me, too.

Beauty in the Space.
The BlogSpace has so many riches! There is such variety among us, and we have so many different interests and strengths. It’s wonderful. Together, bloggers form a lovely tapestry of color, texture and symbol. It’s Beauty.

Those are my reasons for blogging. I must confess that this post was more for me than the reader. I hoped that it would provide someone who wanted to learn about blogging with a perspective about it. I don’t know if any of this was original, but it is my own. In completing the post, I received my answer about whether to continue with it and devote more time to it.

My next post will be about setting goals that make sense to your situation.

Happy Day!

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