Space II

Silence and serenity
Our inner room
Bodies filled with bloody fluids
Moving through outer space,
And air has resistance
Pushing against our momentum
It is a breeze.

Your voice fills the emptiness
The expanse of our differences
Gender and age
Making music with mine
A Mozart piece.
We are only breezes.

In the space of our lives
The tiny long moments
Between words and displays
Existing and breathing,
Air is not space
But life.

I found this book in my travels through Kindle Unlimited today that contains 365 writing prompts for poems. It was included with the membership. It’s called The 365 Poetry Journal by Famke Dijk.

After a couple of tries, this poem struggled its way out of me and ended up in the blog. The prompt was “SPACE.”

Welcome to Wednesday. Happy writing!

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