Seashell Secrets XVIII

Sori stared at Big Marky. She could not believe that he would even suggest that she talk to her Mom after what the woman had said. Was he crazy? Why would he want her to go back to a situation where she was not respected for being able to make her own decisions? Didn’t he like her?

Big Marky stared at her for what seemed to be an eternity. Her big brown eyes flared at him and he knew from experience that he was in dangerous territory. There had been times when her shoes had made impact with his head when her eyes had looked at him like that. He looked away and up at the picture of KISS.

“You should go to Tallahassee, Sori,” he said, measuring each word like he was getting the uranium into a warhead. “You have worked hard for years for this.” She started to shake her head. “Now, wait listen, Sori, this is your future. You’re getting a free ride at a great university and exposure to a set of people that I can’t meet or even think about. If they see you up there with them, it’s almost like we’re all there. If you stay here…”

“Why should the power be up there? Why can’t we create a center of action down here in Miami?” she asked and just waited.

“It just is. That’s the capital. We have a lot of power in Miami. There’s a big art scene and a music scene. There is industry and work, but we are a little crazy down here. Up there the decisions about us get made. You are going to be part of it. You can’t stay down here. Your mother is a jerk for giving you an ultimatum, but she’s right,” he said.

“The whole world is not my responsibility. I am responsible for my friends and myself, the fate of the world is not up to me. You are being so ultra-dramatic,” she got up and looked at his Heart poster. The sisters always looked like they could kick ass as well as steal kisses. She wondered what they would think of her situation.

“You’re wrong, Sori,” he said. “It is your responsibility. You’ve been given it, issued it along with your diploma. Now, it’s time that you made your mark. Remember all the times that you and I had study sessions for English and Social Studies classes and I brought the pizza? How about the times that we met at BK to study? All of that was for this moment, your moment. You’ve got to go.”

“You expect me to go back to that house like a dog?” Sori asked, turning back to face him.

“Not like a dog, but like a lawyer. You ask your mother for a concession and make a compromise,” he said.

“Lully,” she asked.

“Lully can take care of herself. Besides we’ll be together,” he said.

The hallways stretched out endlessly. As fast as Lully ran, the school’s corridors kept elongating away from her. She could not seem to get away. She couldn’t see what was chasing her but the fear was overwhelming. What was it? The sounds that it made were the howls of a wolf caught in a trap. Lully tried and tried to get away towards the light at the end of the hall.

The beast’s claws were at her heels, they tore into her ankles and the blood flowed. Lully came awake suddenly and clutched her head. The dream faded. She thought that she had screamed, but realized that it had all been a dream. She smelled vodka. Then, that was gone. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and reached for the phone. She thought that she would call Sori, but it was a little past 3 AM. She pulled out her Walkman and listened to some U2. Sometimes, the only way to relax was to hear Bono crooning and the Edge’s guitar wailing.

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  1. I remain a big fan of Seashell Secrets. Thank you for this latest chapter.

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