Late Tuesday Post: Into the Light

What happened with the book?

My helpers at the online company where I self-published gave me a great guide on how to go about the business of publishing my book. I used

It was so difficult emotionally. It felt so strange putting a dollar amount to the poems that had been so personal. Then, I had to write these blurbs for the site describing the book to people who might want to buy it. It was unlike the writing that I do for this blog and just the opposite of what I did to write the poems in the first place. I can see why there are people who specialize.

I liked my poems and just felt like some other people might like them, too. I could have simply kept them locked away in a desk drawer, except the poems needed to travel. They needed to see the hearts of others.

I am happy with the poems and am grateful to have them in e-book form. Now, I am following the guide to interest more people in the chapbook. I found a company that prints on demand. So, there won’t be any extra inventory. I design the book and they format it and print a copy for me to examine. I am using I know that there are other sites, but, I liked that one.

I am working on some sketches for the interior art now because the print copy will be illustrated.

I am really grateful to my husband and friends, Maneck, Diana and Paul for all of the encouragement and support.

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