La Abuela

Why did I have to go away?
I was six and could not say
Loudly or any way
That I wanted to stay.

I was taken away by police
In the time it takes to sneeze
My mother crying in the night breeze
You, Abuela, got on your knees.

But no Jesus answered that night.
You were taken from my sight.
Music, joy were replaced by blight.
I thought that I might as well have died.

I was six and by seven
I had left Heaven
Hell was my haven
My skin could not deaden

To the touch of his hands
Away from the beach's sands
On the floor were my strands
Of long hair. Invisible brands.

Without a father and without a home.
At six, I was just alone.
My heart became a stone.
I couldn't trust anyone.

Then, the court changed,
And my life was rearranged.
But my mind was now deranged.
Because his touch had left its stains.

You were waiting for me to return.
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