Seashell Secrets XVII

Loni wanted to show Eddy his hand. It was really important to show him the beautiful peach color of his hand. Loni turned and saw Eddy unbuckling his belt with this leer on his face that made a scream in Loni’s brain.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I was hoping that you would tell me about your drums,” Eddy’s voice was like caramel; it was smooth and sweet. The voice just seemed to soothe Loni when Loni felt so panicky and anxious. The man’s belt was unbuckled and Loni was shocked. He remembered that this man was a stranger.

“Come on. Are you a drummer? I love music. They say that music heals the soul. Are those your drums?” Eddy said, lifting his arm toward the drums and distracting Loni.

Loni looked at the drums and started to forget what he had been considering. He smiled and thought about his drums. On the wall behind the set was a picture of Menza at his drums. Nick Menza said to Loni, “Who the hell is that guy?”

Loni blinked his eyes hard and looked back at Eddy who was walking toward him.

“Stay away from me,” Loni yelled and held up his hand. He shook his head, trying to clear the fuzz from his brain. He felt like he had swallowed a bottle of tequila. “Get back.”

“I was just trying to…”

“I don’t care. Don’t say anything, you lizard,” Loni picked up the sandals that he kept at the foot of his bed and hurled one at the stranger.

“Hey, you hit me. Just calm down,” he said.

“I am going to hit you again. Now get the hell out of my room,” Loni almost flung the other sandal when the guy picked up his shirt and backed away towards the door. The man lifted his hand as a shield. The other sandal hit him in the face. Loni reached for his boots. Loni bet that his mother would be surprised how helpful it was to have a messy room.

“Get out,” Loni tried to focus. At least, he did not stumble as he pursued the stranger out of the house. He wanted to make sure that the man did not hurt his parents or steal anything.

“You’re missing out on a good thing,” the man said as he retreated. Loni’s black Doc Marten hit him in the head. The man ran out through the front door. Loni closed and locked it. He leaned against the door and gasped for air. He felt as though he had just escaped from a monster.

He went back to his room. Locking his bedroom door, he sat down on the floor next to his bed and just thought about what had almost happened. The effects of the drug were beginning to subside. He wondered why he had ever invited that man into his house. It was like letting Dracula in or something.

He stared at the mandala on his wall. It was beautiful and gave him peace. Loni felt immense gratitude.

Sori sat on Big Marky’s bed and plopped her bag next to her. They looked at each other without saying anything for an awkward moment. Big Marky scratched his head suddenly. She smiled as if she had dropped someone’s piece of cake on the floor.

“Should I have stayed away?” she asked while joining her hands as if in prayer. Big Marky looked at her slender fingers and her pretty light peach nail polish.

“No. I am kind of ecstatic that you’re here,” he said wondering what would happen if she wanted to go into the rest of the apartment.

“I am kind of sleepy. Don’t worry. I will not disturb you. I brought a blanket and am used to sleeping on it,” she pulled the cushiony blanket out of her backpack and got up to lay it on the floor. Big Marky was about to pass out. Would she change into pajamas? Sori was actually going to sleep in his room. He had been dreaming about this for years and now that the day had finally arrived it was not how it was supposed to be.

“Sori,” he started. “You have to call your Mom,” he said.

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