Writing Life: On Cooperation

People say that writing is a solitary occupation. It seems so from the outside, but it’s really not.

Writers are in their homes at the computer, typewriter or papers, slaving away at their projects and it looks like they are working by themselves. Around them are crowds of people. Their editors, mentors, friends, family and competitors are all around.

If they are established, like my husband, they have colleagues, publisher, graphic designer, advertising executive and marketing executives. Oh, we cannot forget public relations supervisor and the Agent, with a capital A.

At the end of day, it boils down to whether the writer can put out the milk, meet the deadline, tell a good story or not.

All of their interests are tied to the writer and the fans. It’s more than just money or status, relationships are built after all of those years and all that work. The writer is either honest with the inner voice and the story or there will be big trouble.

I don’t know anything about being an established writer. I like writing because when I was very sick it helped me. I know that it helps others and that’s where I live.

Art is about love for life. Even when the artist doesn’t like life too much. It is the gasp of air when you are drowning in the sea of wild water that is this painful and exhilarating and beautiful existence.

Please support artists and writers whom you know by seeing a movie and dropping them a line to say thank you or to say that you would have liked another fight scene. Whatever. As long as your existence was affected in some way, the writer or artist was successful. Let them know.

Here is a 20 question reflection piece for you to download. The questions prepare you as you embark upon a career in freelancing. They have been adapted from a book that I am reading called Grow Your Handmade Business.

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