Dickinson: Preliminary Research

Emily Dickinson is so interesting. There has been much written about her.

For me it is new. I hope that you bear with me as I discuss how much I like Emily Dickinson and her poetry. She makes such an impression on me because of the way that she lived and wrote. She became a recluse, shunning others. But there is some argument as to why she avoided others.

In one play called The Belle of Amherst, it is suggested that she exaggerated her behavior to alienate busybodies and that she was perfectly happy with the people that came to visit her whom she liked. After all, she had friends and a close-knit family. This would indicate that she did not dislike people, but was just selective about her acquaintances.

Dickinson was not poor. Her father was a landowner, Congressman and lawyer. She was a woman during the nineteenth century with all that entails. It seems that she lived during a time when there was a lot of conflict in the nation with freedom and identity. She lived during the Civil War and that meant that there were discussions in her home and in her community about emancipation and slavery.

In my research, I found that she owned some sheet music for songs that proposed freedom. I would like to follow this thread to see where it leads me.

She did play piano. She loved to play and one biographer said that she entertained the family that way. She would take to the piano and improvise or play from her songbooks.

I thought that it was also endearing to note that she had her dog. She loved her big dog and would take him for long walks. He was named Carlo after the character in Jane Eyre, another favorite. The dog was a large Newfoundland.

Emily Dickinson never married, but someone did ask. Her life was full and rich in her father’s house with her poetry. It is said that she wrote about 1,800 poems that were published after her death.

Her poems have a newness. She used slant rhyme and internal rhyme in her poems in ways that had not been used extensively before. Her choice of words was surprising for its originality. She loved writing poems about birds, flowers, autumn and sailors. She used the color red a lot. Some scholars say that it is the color of passion and blood while others point to the colors of the leaves up in her neck of the woods (no pun intended).

Finally, I love Dickinson for her freedom. She lived life how she chose and asked a lot of the same questions that we all ask. What is life all about? What happens when we die? She answered these in her poems.

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