Seashell Secrets XVI

Trigger Warnings: references to alcohol use and sexual situations

Gar played that D chord again and again, listening for that tone. He was trying to get a mellow tone, but he kept getting something else. He couldn’t describe it in words, but he just knew that it was wrong. While he did that, part of his mind was on Loni. Right now, the band was about to blow up. He knew that they would be going on tour. It was the worst time for these kinds of distractions.

Loni always said that Gar’s relationship with Lully took his mind off the music, but the truth was that Loni had more fits of drama than Lully. She just liked to get drunk. Well, she had stopped drinking and was back at the keys, so he was happy.

She had sounded great at the Korg that night. He had seen her adjust the settings just a bit from where the owner had them, but had switched them back. It was that kind of community spirit that would be healthy on the road. He just prayed that she would stay sober.

Gar got the sound. He smiled and went from D to A and then back. There was this moment of joy when one got the sound looked for that was so spiritual. It felt like coming home.

Lully was in the bathroom dyeing her hair. Her hair was naturally black, but she would dye it a lighter color. Sori knew, but as far as she could tell Gar had never seen her with her roots exposed. It was a matter of personal pride.

She worked the dye into her hair and thought about her decision. It was tough right now to make a decision about the band. Gar was counting on her to be in the band. She knew that Paul was okay with it, too. Lully was a classically trained musician and wanted to play Classical music. She didn’t really feel at home in electronics. She knew that there was a lot that you could do and that the keyboards could go anywhere with you, but there was something about a Grand. That beautiful sound filled her body and heart.

Loni let him in. The man was in his twenties. Loni didn’t know his name, but the man had asked him if he could come in and talk. Loni had thought about it. He knew that the man was after something. The man sat on the bed with the attitude of someone who belonged there. He reclined on the pillows and began to talk to him about women oddly enough.

Loni wondered if he had been mistaken about the man’s reason for wanting to come in. The man kept talking, but Loni quit listening. He looked at the man’s wiry arms and hairless chest. The man was wearing a tank top and jeans with a black leather belt. He had a blue plaid bandana worn about the forehead. He talked and talked. The mouth kept moving. Loni started to focus on the mouth moving and just could not understand what he was saying. Loni started to laugh.

He had met the man at the Dairy Queen on South Dixie. The man had asked to join him as he ate. He had taken a bunch of chocolate sprinkles and ice cream from his own cup and dropped them into Loni’s cup of ice cream. At the time, Loni had thought that had been really weird. There had been no one else around but the person at the counter. After about twenty minutes, Loni had stopped understanding what was being said. He did get it when the man had asked whether or not Loni wanted a ride home. Loni had felt like he had known the man for years.

Right now, Loni saw that the man had his eyes closed, but was still talking. Loni tried to listen. He really wanted to know what the man was saying.

“Strawberry and chocolate ice cream are always great. I never knew why people liked pistachio or butter pecan,” the man said. For some reason, Loni found this incredibly funny. He started to laugh and couldn’t seem to stop.

“Oh, you have a beautiful laugh,” said the man. He took his hand and caressed Loni’s face. Loni looked down as if someone had caught him stealing.

“What’s your name?” asked Loni.

“What do you want it to be?” said the man.

“Ed,” said Loni. “I always liked the name Eddy.” They both started laughing hysterically. The man put his head in Loni’s lap and looked up at him. They stopped laughing. It lasted a second. Then, they were giggling again. Loni was suddenly aware of the color of the light coming from the lamp on his nightstand. He left the man and went to examine the light. Loni put his hand in front of the light. Loni had no idea what had been in that spoonful of ice cream.

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