“Love and Death” an Original Poem

I will suck the marrow from the bones after cracking
Them into pieces with my teeth. Your bones they'll be.
After spending a heap of years cooking and cooling,
Cleaning and pressing, it will lead to the mortuary.

After three of four years of celebrating the end
Of a torturous contest of wills between two friends
Turned lovers and spouses, and friends again,
Realizing how much you meant, I'll make amends.

Your ghoulish ghost will drop bugs into my oats,
Spiders into my tea and put crackling static in my hair.
I will say masses for your soul, lighting candles for control
But in the end, only your specter will be there.

You'll haunt my bed. On my night stand, your picture 
Will smile a thousand pointy teeth for morning memories
Of times when we would laugh before our love snuck
Into the lost brochures of places never been and stories

Never told.

We sang together but never in the same key.
We danced, but our rhythms were always off.
I would lead us off of foolish cliffs into danger
I would laugh and you would scoff.

There were so many good times of silly jokes,
Playful touches and lasting, loving embraces.
We shared old standards, Bennett and Cole,
You always enjoyed my lipstick traces.

I will follow you to the grave and with that passage
Through a tearing of the veil between the rooms of
Light and shadow, of breath and stillness, of open eyes
Finally closed. There has and always will be love. 

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