Original Poem “Marriage and Yellow Rice”

We rolled into each other like electric cars,
Whizzing without smelly exhaust
So economical and responsible
But we let it all go
To be together despite our differences 
And their remonstrations. 

Now, we roll around town
Hand in hand with a flower in my hair
And a feather in your cap.
You dawg! You are my happy one.

I love you when you eat my yellow rice
Even though it makes you burp
But you still insist that 
You love it.

I love you when you make the day
A holiday even when it's Monday
And there are no new clients.
But we have each other 
And miraculously
The cats get their bellies filled
From our pantry.

We laugh about uptight
And sex after 50.

What ever happened to John Denver?
Elizabeth Taylor is still the most beautiful woman in the world.
Maybe we could get the vegetables to grow this season
If God wills. 
Happy Anniversary.

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