Original Poem “Tenacity”

An eagle circling a mountain peak in search of food.
A defensive player in a football game when the offense is inside the 5 in the fourth quarter with seconds left to play.
A child wanting candy whose Mom has said no.
A lover whose broken heart's eyes watch through windows and long hallways at the one who left.
An athlete in the Olympics training for the six hundredth day. 
A fresh seedling in the garden on the sixth day without water that reaches for the sun.
A journalist with a fresh angle on a story about a misinterpreted fact.
A good patient who has been given three days to live who sings in the elevator on the way into the sun.
Any mother with a sick child who sings the lullaby at night with real enthusiasm.
A person of faith watching the world's actions and praying anyway.
Ten children in a classroom on test day.
Business people when the bottom line is in jeopardy.
A cardiac surgeon in the operating room when the bypass is in progress.
A good friend walking with you as you regain the use of your legs.

Chapbook Now In Pre-launch

Hello. If you would like a copy of Into the Light, a brand new original collection of poems, please let me know using this form. In the other details block, please let me know if you would like a print edition.

Thanks so much!😊

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