Original Poem, H. Lemus “Veracity”


Man cannot live without beauty.

Beauty is inside you and outside you, around you and above you.

Beauty speaks softly and walks gently, fights dramatically and flies free.

Beauty is a mother with child, a free bird flying in the sky, a soldier at the ready and a child.

Beauty never dies.

Man cannot live without love.

Love comes easy but is difficult to find.

There are many different types of love but it is all love.

Love always finds a way.

Love speaks gentle whispers in the morning and sings soft lullabies at night.

Love is a cold drink given to your friend after mowing the lawn in the summertime.

Love helps the soldier through the war.

Love never dies.

Man cannot live without freedom.

Freedom is different for each person.

Most people have a difficult time being free.

The song says if you love someone set them free

Freedom is worth living for, do we have to die for it?

Freedom is a child wrapping a hand around the future.

Freedom isn’t free.

These essences require a heavy price.

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