Seashell Secrets XIV

“I’ve got to introduce you to somebody,” Alexander told Gar as the latter rubbed oil on the guitar strings. Alexander led him by the arm across the dancefloor. There were teens gathered in groups talking and laughing. They walked up to a slightly older man in a black leather jacket and cowboy boots.

“Great set,” the man said and held out his hand for a shake.

“Thank you,” Gar said, wondering if this was something that he needed to get the band together for.

“I’m Seth with Rugged Records. Do you have a manager?” the man asked after they shook hands.

“Not yet,” Gar replied and thought about the many times that the band had considered being approached by Rugged Records.

“Well, here’s my card, and I would like to hear from someone whom you would like to represent you by next Friday,” he said. “I can’t wait for you too long, but I really like what I saw tonight. Oh, you keep the female keyboardist.” The man took a sip of his beer and walked away.

Gar stood there with the card in his hand. He thought about the moment and just wanted that moment to last. He savored it. It felt like a small success, as if the last ten years of playing his guitar and scrawling song lyrics into fifty cent composition books had just culminated into a beautiful rhapsody. Gar felt grateful. He wanted it to work out for Lully, Lon, Paul and for all of their folks.

Lon walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder.

“This is it. I have to tell you something,” said Lon.

“I have to tell you something, too,” said Gar.

“Dude, I am gay,” said Lon. Gar stared at his friend and wondered why there couldn’t be a rule where no one could tell you anything strange just after really good news.

“Oh, what makes you think that?” Gar asked.

“I went out with a male, a man, that is, and I liked it,” said Lon.

“Did you feel like you wanted to, you know, do something with him, something sexual?” he asked. He was really trying to understand how his friend, his BEST friend, who shared naked time with him in the gym locker room could be gay. Gar really didn’t understand too much about being gay or straight. He only knew that he was attracted to women and thought that it was the “normal” way to be. Was being gay normal, too? Lon was always coming up with something. There had been the Buddhism phase, the vegetarian phase, the marimba phase and the time that he would only wear purple. Was this another phase?

“Not really. I had just met him, though, but I could see myself going in that direction,” said Lon. Lon rubbed his head where the crown was. There was a knot in his long hair that he wished that he could get out.

“Are you sure?” asked Gar. “What about Brendalynn? You know that girl from Art Camp last Summer?”

“I don’t know about Brendalynn. I didn’t feel as strongly about her as about this guy,” said Lon. “Wow. I am so glad that you know. I have been trying to tell you for weeks.”

“Can you see yourself doing it with a guy?” asked Gar.

“No,” said Lon.

“Okay, well you’re going to have to work this out over time,” Gar wanted to bury that subject in a cement box beneath a mile of sand at the deepest part of the ocean. He decided to change the subject. “Listen, we just got approached by a scout from Rugged Records, dude!”

“No way,” said Lon.

“Way. He wants us to get a manager by next Friday,” said Gar, slapping Lon’s hands in rapid high fives.

“No way!”

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