Three tear drops fall along a marble sloped
And it is my heart crying not for me
But for my children who are gone to darkness.
I don't believe in angels and Heaven anymore
My little angels left this world before I did.
There is no justice because now.
I will be alone in my age of whispers and dust.
Guns firing in a peaceful place where children played
Just yesterday.
Today they are afraid to play.
Cops and robbers hold guns in their hands.
Who told the boy to shoot my angels?
Was in the NRA, the politicians or the characters
On Tour of Duty?
Did he notice how many views the other killers were getting on YouTube?
There was once a punk rock band called Sick of It All.
Now, there is probably an alternative rock band called Who Cares Anymore.
The news focuses on my angels today and last week it was Vila's children in the Ukraine.
I care about all of them.
Wish that my heart would stop.
WIsh that the tears would stop.

1 thought on “Self-control

  1. Extremely powerful, and a perfect poet’s answer to the world right now.


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