Seashell Secrets XII

Guitars were wailing and drums were beating. Gar noticed how Alexander wove through the crowd of his friends with little glasses of foaming punch. He had used this special chemical that was tasteless and non-toxic but looked like it was smoking. Gar thought that it was dry ice. Anyway, Alexander had straight, long dark brown hair and an amulet. Gar did not really like him that much, but knew that it was useful to be on his good side because Alexander’s Dad was the Mayor. 

Gar didn’t act like his friend or anything, but he didn’t treat him like an enemy either. Gar had worn his black leather jacket, his Eternal Nightmare tee, corduroys and his Converse. The party was incredible. Most of the teens in town were there, and the music was great. Gar wasn’t drinking. 

Lon was standing next to him, just admiring the band on stage. They listened like true professionals. Lon noticed the fact that the drummer was not using a double bass pedal, and Gar kept watching the guitarist playing. It seemed that the guy was imitating Scott Ian. 

Lully came in with her Dad. Sori was with her. Big Marky was trailing. Gar almost dropped the sandwich. Lully was wearing a light blue dress with her combat boots and some black lace gloves. Her curly brown hair fell to her shoulders like silk and her eyes shone like twin lighthouses. Gar didn’t notice anyone else. She looked so pretty. He felt it then. It was the overwhelming certainty that he had screwed up everything. He had dropped an asteroid on what had been a beautiful, growing world. 

“Gar, I have to tell you something,” said Lon. 

“Come on,” Gar told Lon. Lon grabbed his sleeve.

“Gar, I really need to tell you something,” he said.

“Dude, whatever it is, it can wait. Lully just walked in. I mean, do you not see her? She looks amazing,” he said. 

“Hey, dude,” suddenly Paul appeared. “Did you bring your guitar?”

“Gar, it cannot wait,” Lon said. Paul grabbed a sandwich.

“Hey, these are great. I can’t wait to hear the song,” said Paul.

“Look, I got to get over there,” Gar broke away and started to walk towards Lully. Her father noticed him first. Lully’s Dad did not look happy, but Gar did not notice because he was just spellbound by Lully. He walked towards her. Sori giggled and pulled Big Marky towards the snack table. Lully’s Dad tapped her and pointed at Gar. She saw him and brightened. When Gar saw her smile, he felt as thought the sun had come up over the beach. 

He walked right up to her.

“Hi,” he said, and could not think of one more word to say. He wanted to say a million things. Instead he said. 

“There are some little ants on my shirt,” he had noticed the little ants right then. 

“Little ants? You break my daughter’s heart and come here to talk to her about some ants?” said her Father. He did not raise his voice, but kept it to a low, menacing evenness that reminded Gar of Marlon Brando in the Godfather. Gar kind of stared at the floor.

“Dad! I see them. Here let’s get rid of the ants,” she said. She swept the little ants off his shirt. She was doing this when Gar looked into her eyes and chewed his lip.

“I am sorry,” said Gar. “I miss you like crazy. I know that we can’t just pretend like it never happened, but can we? You know, pretend it never happened?”

“Oh, Gar,” said Lully. “Pretend what never happened?” 

It was such a moment. Gar had actually apologized. Lully had accepted. As they kissed, her father threw up his hands in exasperation and the band covered “Hangar 18.”

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