Seashell Secrets XI

Gar woke up in his clothes and wondered what day it was. He was now a High School graduate, and there would be only good things ahead. His father had not let him tour until he had finished school. Well, now he had the piece of paper and the band could tour.

They had talked to John G in Kendall who ran a party service. Okay, so John G called it an event planning service. Paul said that he thought that they should play parties first and then move up to clubs. He thought that it would be no good to bomb at a club. Paul was like that. “Prepare for the worst, and hope for best,” was his motto.
Gar pushed himself out of bed and dragged himself toward the bathroom. On the way, he hit his talking clock.

“Saturday, May 16th, 1991, 9:32 A.M.,” said the clock in its cloying female voice. Gar thought about adding that voice as a sample to one of their songs. There was a party at Alexander’s house later. They were expecting Lully to go with him. The whole break-up was going to change everything.

He was brushing his teeth when he turned on the television to watch a little of the news. Instead, it was some cartoon. He turned it off. The war was on his mind. He did not know why people were killing and being killed over in some desert across an ocean. The band was opposed to the war, but his father refused to help him with the protest. He said that Gar could not be a “troublemaker” and hurt “American morale.” He spit in the sink and went back to his desk. The beginnings of the song that would rock his band to stardom started right then and there. Gar was just writing about the war.

Lon was having scrambled eggs with ketchup with his grandmother and grandfather. They were quietly munching on their food. The phone rang.

“Oh, for God’s sake. Can’t we just have a simple meal without that damn phone ringing,” his grandfather Berto said in Spanish.

“Get it, Eliando, please. Your grandfather is about to have a stroke,” his granny said. Lon went to the phone and heard Gar’s excited voice.

“Hey bro. I got a song. Wait until you hear it. I am coming up with a guitar part for it now,” Gar said.

“Awesome, are we going to the party tonight?” asked Lon.

“Yeah, but, Lully should go. Does she know about it?” said Gar.

“Whatever. I don’t know about her. I thought you broke up with her,” Lon stated. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” asked Gar.

Lon thought about telling him right then, but he could not tell his friend over the phone.

“Not now,” he said.

“Lame. Well the party is at eight. I will pick you up at 7:30. It’s going to be weird not taking Lully,” said Gar.

“Dude, there’ll be other chicks there,” said Lon.

“Women, dude. They’re called women,” said Gar.

“Whatever. Later,” he said and hung up on Gar. He went and chomped nervously on his now cold scrambled eggs.

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  1. I am so into Seashell Secrets! Thanks for keeping them coming.

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