Seashell Secrets X

Big Marky smoothed his curly moustache down for the hundredth time. He held the half-dozen peach colored roses in his left hand. He would reach up with his right hand to shake Sori’s, then pull out the roses. She would be pleasantly surprised. She would confess that she had loved him since that time when they were fourteen and had fallen into the canal. The gator had scared her, but he had been there.

He walked up to the door and paused. Big Marky thought about all the angst filled movies where the lovers conquer all the awkward moments and end up together. At that specific moment, he couldn’t think of one. Oh well, this was his and Sori’s movie.

He pulled the door knocker and let it fall. It sounded like a breaking bone. He looked up to the sky for help. He saw a grey cloud.

“Wait up,” Sori said inside.

“Sori, it’s me,” Big Marky responded.

“What are you doing here?” Sori asked and opened the door. She smiled and motioned for him to enter, but he just stood there. This was not in his plan. He had not expected her to ask him in before the roses. He just pulled out the roses and held them out for her. She looked at them, then she looked at him. With a smile, she grabbed the roses.

“Are you coming in, or what? I mean, you could just stand there and wait for the end of existence, but eventually you’ll need to piss,” she turned on her heel and sniffed the roses.

Big Marky smoothed his moustache again and walked again. He put his hands in his pockets and looked around. Her house was as spotless as always. Her mother was an incredible, neat freak. He stopped in the middle of the living room.

“Go on, you know where the sofa is,” she said. “These are amazing. You know that I love the peach ones.”

Big Marky felt weird about sitting on the couch since it was so new and clean. He sat on the leather recliner in front of the PS2.

“Where are your bags? I thought that you would be almost gone,” he said.

“I decided to stay,” she arranged the roses in a vase on the kitchen counter. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yeah, why?” Big Marky held onto the sides of the recliner for support. He was trying not to react. She was staying! He couldn’t believe that there was actually a God, and that God listened to little people like him.

“Why am I staying or why did I ask if you were comfortable?” she said. She put a powder in the roses from the outside of the cellophane wrapper. “They’re already cut. I am glad that they have thorns. They are prettier because they are dangerous.”

“Yeah, like tigers,” said Big Marky. “Why are you staying? I mean, it’s none of my business, but…”

“It is your business. We’re friends, Biggie. Besides, you brought me my favorites. I can’t leave my friends, and I can easily go to school here,” said Sori looking at Big Marky with more tenderness than he had ever dreamed possible. “My Mom loved it. She didn’t want me to go anyway. Now, do you want a famous jalapeno, cheese and ham sandwich?”

“Oh, yeah. Wait until Lully finds out,” said Big Marky.

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