Inheritance of Light 4

The votes have been counted and Mario will continue with Kenny and Brad on the quest to find Jim, the lost centaur. Feared to be kidnapped by the flesh eating, soul sucking Tablukan, Jim is believed to be in the Caves of Sorrow past the Sky Kissed Mountains. The fantasy adventure continues with this installment of Inheritance of Light, an interactive story in which the readers make the plot decisions.

“Let’s do this,” Mario said. If he maintained control, he could at least make sure the surroundings stayed within enjoyable parameters. He coded for a cool breeze with the scent of pineapple juice. He listened for squawking birds to fly overhead dropping little white berries onto the ground before them.

Brad, the Hu-rangutan, smiled at Mario and started scooping up the berries. They both started munching. Kenny picked leaves off of some of the trees. In this way, foot by foot, they made their way through the Wildy Jungle.

Mario coded multi-colored stick insects and had them move the branches away from them. As Kenny, Brad and Mario walked through the jungle, Mario focused on the sounds of the jungle.

“The cylinder that you had showed the way, huh?” he asked Brad.

“No. I know the way through the Wildy Jungle because this is where I am from,” the Hu-rangutan said with his deep throated growls. When the words came out of his mouth, all of the vowels seemed stretched long. “Up in those trees, I grew from an infant in my mother’s arms.”

“You’re from the Wildy Jungle, too, I guess,” Mario asked Kenny. Kenny caught a flying mushroom the color of a lavender flower. He popped it in his mouth and ate.

“No, Jim and I are from the Kingdom of Brextizu to the North on the other side of the Sea of a Thousand Songs,” said the centaur. “What about you?” asked the Hu-rangutan.

“I don’t know where I am from. I know that my mother and father were exiled across the SIM Divide, but I was never sure where,” Mario said, pulling his long green hair from his eyes.

“Didn’t you ever ask?” asked Brad.

“Leave him be, Brad. You are nosy,” said Kenny.

“No, it’s all right. They died,” he tried in vain to keep his hair from getting into his eyes. On his left hand was the tattoo of a small dove. He had never known why he had it. His mother had it, too.

Mario motioned for silence. There was a gurgling sound. Straight ahead, a large deer-like creature stepped through the undergrowth and walked right up to them. Three more of the beings followed. They had long, thin legs with dainty hooves and made little gasps as they walked. Their fur was the color of the leaves strewn about the jungle’s floor and they had kind eyes.

“The Wildy Jungle is not for your kind. You must turn back,” said the leader of the deer in a soft high pitched voice.

“He’s with me,” said Brad.

“He very well might be,” said one.

“He certainly appears to be,” said the next.

“Oh yes, oh yes, we see,” said the other two together.

“But he most certainly cannot pass through here for the Guklichen will eat him up,” said the first.

“Well, he certainly is handsome,” said the second, turning into a voluptuous youth that looked exactly as Mario would like. Mario looked at it and couldn’t help but smile. Brad ambled between them.

“Don’t look too much at them. They are tricksters and would love to get us lost in the Wildy Jungle,” said Kenny.

“Now would I do that to you?” said the third who morphed into a pink centaur with light blonde hair.

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