Grad School So Far

Going to Graduate School is not like going to Undergraduate School at all. The physical building is the same, but the atmosphere is different.

The classes have a quicker pace. We read so much more. I have to study for 20 hours per week to keep up.

The other students are all there to grow and expand their knowledge of Literature, Pedagogy and Writing. It is a real privilege to share what little time I have with them.

My husband hurt his right knee at the beginning of the year and we can’t really get around too much. Plus, my back is giving me pain. Yesterday, we went out to pick up some groceries instead of ordering them, and I couldn’t move my back. It just would not bend.

At school, I am studying the interrelationship between disability and literature in one class and Literary Theory in the other. The class exploring disability is called Disability Studies. I can work from home.

Disability Studies makes me cry sometimes because we have talked about how African American, Disabled Persons and members of the LGBTQ community have been treated and are being treated. I feel so impotent about it and wish that there was something that I can do.

For now, I plan to equip myself with knowledge and join an advocacy group. It would have to be online because going out is too difficult for me physically. Maybe after I heal my body, it will be easier.

Literary Theory is a joy. We have read Freud, Heidegger, Beauvoir, Aristotle, Butler and Culler. We are working on Baldwin, Menéndez, Lorde and others. My husband and I watched Encanto and The Little Prince and both cried. I love the class because we have this discussion board where we exchange takes on what we have read.

After studying and reading, writing and fretting, I try to cook for my husband and stick to a regular night owl sleeping schedule. I know that with SMI, sleep and structure are supremely important.

I know that working on studying can be stressful and many times I have wanted to give up, but learning is really worth it. It’s not just reading Dickinson and Melville, but it’s really important to be part of something outside the clinic and the house. I wish that everyone could have this experience.

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