Inheritance of Light 3

In the last installment, published quite a long time ago, Mario was faced with a decision. He could have decided otherwise, but Kenny, the Centaur, and Brad, the Hu-rangutan, were so nice that he wanted to help them find their lost friend Jim.

Mario strode after Brad who tore through the forest’s undergrowth with his strong arms. Kenny followed along with his arrow at the ready. Small reptiles skittered up tree branches and many birds lifted off as the trio made their progress through their green world.

Mario knew that he had given up control to the coder in charge of Brad while they were in the forest. What a give! Mario wondered why he was doing all of this and thought that it was a rookie mistake. He couldn’t activate his return routine and go back to the real world of the skank until he completed this section of the code.

Brad stopped suddenly and Mario almost crashed into the hairy creature’s back.

“What the…” Mario yelled and scowled at Brad. He really didn’t like physical contact.

“Be quiet, my friend,” said Brad. Mario looked around and watched as Brad pulled out a strange wooden-looking knife from his belt. Brad crouched and with a move of his hand asked Mario to do the same. Mario thought that it might be so that Kenny could shoot over them.

The growl came from their left. It was like a ground-shaking roll of thunder. Mario wondered what could make that noise. He pulled out his weapon, the neurowhip. It was a long whip that could wrap around enemies and disrupt electrical signals in the brain. They would either go into convulsions and die or go insane and hurt themselves. He had spent hours coding the variables for its successful deployment. It was nice to be able to use jargon like that.

A splintering crack came from one of the trees to their left. The trees crashed apart as if an explosion had hit them. Pieces of wood and brush flew in all directions as the Tablukan burst towards them. Kenny fired off an arrow with a golden tip. It hit a tree stump next to the berserking monster. When it hit its mark, the stump blew up into a fiery, sparkling mass of golden light.

The Tablukan spit its poisonous glandular secretions onto the flames making them blow up into hot spews of vapor.

“That worked,” Mario said. He unwound his whip. Brad took a branch and swung it around the monster, keeping it away from them. It was about seven feet tall, had tufts of brown and grey hair hanging in tangles from parts of its body. It wore mechanical devices that whirred and ticked as it moved. Its most difficult feature was its large mandibles that resembled an ant’s. Mario cracked his whip at the creature. He missed as it jerked its body away quickly.

“You’re quite a help there, friend,” said Kenny. Brad hit the Tablukan on the head. The branch crashed on the thing’s head, but it yanked part of the branch away from Brad.

“Sarcasm is not really helping at this moment,” he said as he screamed and rushed the monster aiming his grand stick at the Tablukan’s midsection. He got close. The monster grabbed the stick and pulled it over him. Brad sailed through the air screaming, but miraculously did not lose his grip on his weapon. As he flew over the Tablukan’s head, he sliced at it with his knife cutting its left ear off. The monster howled. Brad climbed away from it in a tree.

Kenny slipped a red arrow into his bow and let it fly. It struck the Tablukan in the arm. It pulled it out and threw it to the ground. The monster rushed at Kenny. Mario saw a chance as the Tablukan engaged Kenny. He took his whip and swung it outwards with all his strength. It hit the creature around the head and there was a hiss of electricity. The monster’s head sizzled, and its red, beady eyes popped out of their sockets. One hit Mario in the face.

“Nasty. Like, I could have lived my whole life without that experience and it would have been ok,” Mario said as he rubbed the goo off his face.

Brad came down from the tree.

“Great. You killed him,” he said. “You beat it.”

“We did it together. You had him all distracted. Kenny here injured his arm. I just got the last word,” said Mario. Kenny went up to the Tablukan and pulled something out of its belt. It was a small cylinder with blinking white and blue lights on it.

“This will tell us where the caves are as well as allow us to enter as if we were Tablukan,” he said.

“We’ll save Jim,” said Brad. “Will you come?”

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