Keep it off my wave

In the ocean, each wave comes toward the shore following another wave. When you swim, each wave comes and sweeps you up toward the sky then lets you down.

When I first met you, I was on the wave of happiness thinking that I had found someone with whom to share some grace. I was at peace floating with you on that wave beneath the sunny sky so warm.

But, you had to make your point about being better than everyone else because you were so strong. Well, strong things sink to the bottom of the sea if they don’t keep swimming. I recognize that sometimes, I need to float. So, I keep myself a little weak.

I don’t like you, but I do love you.

I love your words and your aspirations. Your style and grace always fill me with hope for the future because I think that if you soften your glare into a glance, the cold clouds will slip away from the warm sun.


In the meantime, I am swimming far away from you and hope that you keep it off my wave. The anger in you cracks the sea shells into points that cut my soles.

This post is a reaction to angry people. I have met some angry people lately and reacted to their anger. I needed to get this out. I am publishing it to counter bullies. I take medication for my illness and people misunderstand and get confused. I take Depakote, Cogentin and Risperdal. I have been taking them for two and a half years, now. They keep me from living a nightmare. If you do not understand what I am talking about, then I am happy for you.

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