Three Kings arrive at midnight bringing gifts
to young ones like you and me.
We wait for them to bring the light and sweets
that cheer us all and fill us with glee.
This year they brought grandmother and grandpa back
from the place where they had been hiding.
No more masks or hand gel or all that crying,
they stopped their fearful glances and their crying.
We could see them and we could hug.
It was all ok and all right again.
Because the illness had gone away.
We played and cuddled with our friend.
The pandemic was gone and we were safe.
There was no more reason to stand far apart.
We shared our food on Christmas Day,
and sang the songs that warmed the heart.
For our friends that had gone on to the sky,
and had lost the fight to the sickness,
we sang extra loud and hugged extra hard
to bring forward the strength of our witness.
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