Back to School 2

I was accepted at the University. I will start attending classes next week. It’s absolutely wonderful. I will be learning about Literary Theory and Criticism. One of my classes is called Disability Studies. It will be an online class. My writing is very choppy right now, I see.

I am going back to the place where I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree. It’s a progressive and forward thinking university with broad contacts into the community. The university supports local efforts to keep the environment healthy. We organize cleanups of the bay and the hammocks. We also research the waters off the coast.

We also assist with the preservation of Hispanic culture. The library has an entire section devoted to musical recordings of Cuba and other lands. There are Literature classes about Hispanic Literature, Jewish Literature and African American Literature. Once, they had the Folios at the University on display. This was amazing. All of Shakespeare’s works in one place! President Obama spoke there, even.

I am very happy to be going back. I have to remember to keep stress managed, but not quit. The people there are very kind, but they are also inquisitive scholars that love to learn and share what they’ve learned. They’re the reason that I even started this blog. Yes, I took a class called Going Public which prepared you for choosing, developing and launching a program. In the class, people chose a program, service or product and prepared a pitch for presenting it. There were so many great classes in Literature. I read wonderful authors that maybe I would have heard from later rather than sooner.

Another wonderful thing about that school were the students. The people that I was in class with were so exciting and had this positivity. It was special.

I hope to expand my knowledge of Literature and Writing to share what I learn with you and to possess the credentials to go teach Writing and Literature at writing centers with adults with barriers to regular school. Also, I hope that studying the techniques of fiction used by other writers will help my writing.

If for some reason this does not work out, I will just continue to study on my own. It is important for my state of mind to realize that there are other options. It was difficult for me to decide to go in the first place because of my disability, my husband’s physical problem and the whole Omicron boogeyman. I am hesitant to be around crowds because of the virus. So many people have died or have become ill. I would rather go and do online courses. Plus, it feels like at this stage in my life, I should just be working at providing for my family financially and emotionally. If I go back to school, that might be delayed.

The New Year has brought many good feelings and I think that I can balance school and work. Plus, my husband is positive that we can work this out. You make your stages. I just saw a report on CBS about Judy Chicago. The woman is amazing.

Blessings and Happy New Year to you!

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