Returning Home

This is the time when most people put the gas in the car, the sweaters on their backs and the presents in their trunks and head for home. Long hours behind the wheel seem to actually beckon because of the memories that people know that they’re about to make.

It will be a chance to hear the niece say a name for the first time. It will be another delicious meal at Mom’s house or Dad’s house. It will be a time to see the place that hopefully doesn’t change too much because it is home.

That is the reality for some people, but for others, this is a time of bitter cold, apathy and regrets. It is a time to remember better years and those times before those beloved people had gone away to rest. It is a difficult time for many.

For me, it is a wonderful time because I am sure of who is coming and why. It is wonderful to know that for all the gift wrap, tinsel and lights, the real reason is that God wanted to be with us by becoming one of us. He didn’t want to land and take over, but wanted to be taken over in love by an adolescent woman in her belly.

Some might believe in other ways to delight in the season and some might just like a nice peaceful holiday. Well, here it is.

Happy Holidays, friends! Reach out in kindness if you can. If you can’t do something that others can see for whatever reason, do not worry because no one is to judge you for doing or not doing. Simply reach out with your whole soul in kindness and that’s all you can do.

For the people reading this, I may not know you personally, or will ever see you in person, but I wish you every possible goodness and gift in this time. May you walk in beauty, health, prosperity and freedom now and always.

Peace to you.

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