Ghostwriters are Actor Authors

Ghostwriters are not writers who write so that others can take the credit. Ghostwriters are contractually bound to write all kinds of things for others who employ them. Their clients are either too busy to write that particular book, do not have the required level of expertise or just want that ghostwriter’s style on the manuscript. Also, there are cases when a popular writer dies and some other person writes in the style of the deceased writer and uses the name on the cover. In all these cases, the ghostwriters will be named on the cover or in the inside of the book.

It is a lucrative way to freelance. You take on a client, write for them and they pay you depending on the contract. There are other ways to make money as an author, but ghostwriting is like acting because you have to adopt the voice of the person for whom you are writing. It’s definitely challenging.

There are many books written by ghostwriters. There are books authored by Tom Clancy and James Patterson that bear their names, but were written by other people. I noticed this while browsing the books in a department store. These books all said “with” on the front cover near the other person’s name. I read Dune and while researching Frank Herbert for this blog, I ran across some interesting notes about his son continuing the saga after Frank Herbert passed on to the next big writing job.

So, ghostwriters do considerable work getting to know the language that they have to use while writing the books, screenplays and speeches. They have to bring that book to the fans who want the story and storytelling by that person.

Fraud and Ghostwriting

In high school, there were people that would write essays for other people for like $50. The teachers would read these essays and know that they weren’t written by the students who handed them in because teachers are good like that. Some wouldn’t say anything, but most of the teachers would fail the student’s paper. Some would even discipline the student by failing them.

The whole point of writing essays in high school was to learn to write essays so that later when working, white papers, reports, articles, memoranda, letters, etc. could be written. People could write these things as bankers, nurses , lawyers and librarians because they learned in school. People could do their jobs because they learned how to do it.

That was fraud. Ghostwriting is getting paid to write a book with someone who has an idea for a book or other work.

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These groups are ways that writers can get leads for prospective clients. It is said that there is a lot of money to be made, but beware of get rich quick schemes. Make sure that research is done on the client before contracts are signed. It might be better for the writer’s career and life if the contract that sounds too good to be true is passed in favor of something that might sound less financially appealing but has better ethics.

Happy writing!

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  1. Thanks for teaching me something new.

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    1. You always teach me with your clear and beautiful writing examples. ☺️


    2. I also learned from writing this. I still have some reservations about ghostwriting because it seems that someone is writing for another person, but there are situations where a person will write for a magazine without a byline, they’re getting paid for work that is being utilized by another entity who needs the content. How is that different?


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