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I was into watching heroism and high adventure on television when I was a kid. I would watch shows like Amazing Stories, MacGyver and others like that, but perhaps one of my favorites was The Six Million Dollar Man.

The action followed this test pilot who had been injured in a crash, but rebuilt into a blend of man and machine. He was a bionic man. His eye was special and he could run faster than anything.

Cover of Cyborg

The story was based on the book by Martin Caidin entitled Cyborg (Cybernetic Organism.) Martin Caidin was an expert in aeronautics and knew how to fly planes. He knew astronauts personally and had himself flown in a B-17.

B-17 Bomber Aircraft

Caidin was born in 1927 but did not begin writing books until he was 30. He seemed to spend the rest of his life playing catch-up. In this interview, he said that he worked on three books at a time. By the time that he died in 1997, just six months shy of his 70th birthday, he had authored about 70 books.

Martin Caidin wrote thrillers that were based on technological advances. He wrote three books that followed Cyborg: Operation Nuke, High Crystal and Cyborg IV. He wrote Marooned about an astronaut lost in space which was turned into a movie that was immensely popular. Gregory Peck starred.

He also wrote about military history and aviation. There was one book about a Japanese flying ace that outsold all the others. That was Samurai! He wrote about the second World War and about the space race. There was much to say about the United States and the Soviet Union trying to beat each other to the moon.

This was one man that loved to write and loved to travel with his wife. They went flying together, as she was also a pilot.

I am looking forward to reading more of his books. What is interesting is that although he wrote Cyborg that the screenwriters used to base the television show, the show did not follow the books. He also wrote books about Indiana Jones, but he never had a screenplay for the franchise. Apparently, Caidin was a free spirited writer who enjoyed telling a tale with a great hero.

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