Rhythm in the Night

Calling out to all the party people!
Music is calling out to you,
putting the funk in your dancing shoe,
making you shake and move along, too.
Add that special juice and then you'll groove,
because the rhythm in the night
has to get to you,
get to you.

There's no other night like tonight for us.
In the party life, we put all our trust.
Grab that girl or guy and that you like to lust.
If they like you too, get it if you must.
Dance together to that special groove, 'cause the rhythm in the night
has got to get to you,
get to you.

Once together, it will last forever.
You will never let that party end.
Remember that first you have to have a friend.
Party people like to start the new love trend.
We all like to get the loving and then hit send.
Blasting the loving party all around to the world's end,
you let that rhythm in the night
get to you,
get to you.

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