One Love

Wherever we come from,
We are one in love.
When the butterflies
Flutter by
And we smile at the sun,
We are one in love.
When the moon lights us lonely,
And the breeze tickles our noses,
We know we have been touched
By Angel feathers
Off of wings like the down of Eagle's breasts.
You look at this world through
Different colored lenses,
But we are
One Love.
You sing to the wind
It answers in tongues
I cannot understand
But I can listen
And hear.
Grateful for the song
In the night, because the stars
Are so silent, and it is
Cold as shards
Of frozen blood from the ones
Who came before us
But never saw
That we are One Love.
Location Miami, Florida USA E-mail Hours M - Th 8 - 10 PM EST and Saturday 4 - 8 PM EST
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