Big Heart Part 2

Part 2

     She walked to Falcon Street and stood there for a moment staring at the buildings towering over her. They seemed to cut the clouds in pieces. She pulled her jacket around her neck and adjusted her backpack.  The building was on the corner of Falcon and Wren Avenue next to the little park with the exercise equipment in it.  She walked into the building and found the office listing in the lobby.  

     Li & Lu Enterprises, Inc. read the inscription next to the number 759.  She would have to go up in the elevator. At the elevator, there was a man wearing a dark suit who held the door for her but did not look at her. He was watching everyone in the lobby. Maggie knew that she had to behave around him. She walked into the elevator and pressed the button. 

     The office was down the hall and had glass doors and beautiful red paint on the door frames. She walked in and the secretary did not see her because her counter was too high. Maggie’s short body let her snack into the powerful woman’s office. Mrs. Li had her back to the door and she talked into a large monitor. There was a man on the monitor who spoke rapid Chinese to Mrs. Li. She spoke back. They spoke until they laughed and bowed. Maggie waited until Mrs. Li finished taking down a note.

     “Mrs. Li, it’s me Maggie,” she said.

     “My wonderful, little friend,” said Mrs. Li as she smiled. 

     “Hi, it’s nice to see you. I am here to tell you about a great investment opportunity,” said Maggie. 

     “Tell me, my dear,” said Mrs. Li. She took a couple of balance spheres and spun them in her right hand while Maggie stood before her.

     “You can invest in a wonderful bus, a mighty bus who takes kids to school every day,” said Maggie. The spheres made tinkling noises like fairy bells. 

     “I could. Why would I put my money there?” asked Mrs. Li. 

      “The bus takes us to school. Without Flyer #173, we couldn’t get to school,” replied Maggie confidently. “You would be helping our education.”

     “That’s a nice venture, but it doesn’t sound like I would get much of a return,” said Mrs. Li.

     “You would get happiness from doing something good,” said Maggie.

      “Oh. I am so sorry, little Maggie. You are so brave and kind to care about your bus. I cannot throw my money away on my own happiness because there is a large company depending on me,” she said. “I will show you out.” Mrs. Li got up and led Maggie to the door. Before she reached the door, she knelt down before Maggie. “If you need money to save your bus, you need to tell people like me about how the bus can make them money. You can do it.” 


     “Please tell your mother that I will buy her pastries for Restaurant Lu. Can you remember?” she said. Maggie tried to talk to her, but the lady kissed her on the forehead and ushered her out. 

     Maggie was losing her winning spirit. She walked out of the office building back down Falcon Street. This time she headed towards Egret Drive. She decided to go to see Flyer #173. What would she do to save her friend? Mrs. Li gave her an idea, but she would have to ask Flyer #173 a few questions first. 

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