Playing the Piano

I remember talking about playing the piano with all my friends when I was a kid. I so much wanted to be liked.

The piano was always part of my world. There was always a good piano in my house, but my Mom did not practice that much in her later years. I wanted her to play because when she did, it was like being in Heaven.

I started taking lessons with her when I was four years old, but it never did stick. Music is so important to me, but I had all of these other things to do. Here in the United States, everyone has to be a “well-rounded” person, so no one stops everything just to focus on one thing. Except if your parents really have the money to keep you away from all of those distractions. My mother had to work.

I got older and joined the counter-culture, pushing piano away. I gave it up when my high school sweetheart bought me a book of Yessongs and I found that I could not read. I just felt so stupid, that I just gave it up. Anyone else would have used that moment to start practicing with all her heart. So many people become excellent musicians in the States by pushing distractions away instead of pushing away their instruments.

Picture of myself sitting at my keyboard playing a three note  triad. The picture shows a G Chord played as a three note triad.
The G Chord, photo taken by Gary Alan Ruse, September 23, 2021

The picture is of a three note triad. Chords come in different shapes. The same notes can be played in so many different ways. Right now, I am learning to hold down the notes by pulling down at the keys instead of pushing them. It makes for a smoother sound.

This musician gives an example

You Tube about Piano Chords

Chords are when you play more than two notes at the same time. You can find chords in every piece of modern music. Obviously, you can’t play a chord on a clarinet because it only produces one sound at a time. But, let’s say you have three clarinets. You are in business. Chords are rich in guitar playing.

Rock music really focused on chords to get going.

This musician gives an example.

You Tube training on Guitar Chords

Chords are really special because they have little relationships. There is a IV and a V and a VII. These chords are all important when you are making music because they kind of lead into each other. If I play the G Chord then play a D chord, I will hear this because it is a I and then V.

Classical guitar also shows off its chords.

It hurts my hands. After I practice, my hands ache. My teacher says to soak them in warm water. I will try that at today’s practice. I want to get better. They say that consistency is the only way that an older person will learn to play an instrument. I have decided to play every day for an hour. Not a lot of people can devote any time for this kind of thing. I guess I cagged out on some good luck.

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  1. I enjoy hearing you play, even practice sessions. It’s good to hear the house filled with music.

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    1. Thank you for saying that. It makes me happy to play, even practicing a scale is a good thing.

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  2. Thanks for the You Tube resources. They will be used.

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