Piano Lessons Again

The piano was gathering dust. It sported a large, tightly fitted cover to protect it, but it still seemed to be in danger. It was a small electronic keyboard that I knew could do much more than I made it. It had all of these sounds, could sample and control a computer. I just never seem to have time for it.

I have been keeping a time journal on my phone to see exactly where the time goes so that I can use it wisely rather than fritter it away. In this journal, I write down everything that I do and how long I do it. Once you spend your time, you never get it back.

My Mom holding me

My mom tried to teach my cousins and I to play the piano when we were children. She was a concert pianist in Cuba before the Castro Fiasco made her a typist. My cousins and I wanted to play instead. I learned enough to play a couple of Classical pieces, but my hands are now chubby from too many Dr. Peppers.

I keep saying that I am going to go back to it. Today will be the day. Time will not be lost.

There’s an old alternative rock song, “Warning” that has been on my mind lately as I think about my mom. I think of her every time that I breathe. There were so many places that i wanted to take her: Spain, England and Japan. There was this place in Vienna where Mozart and Beethoven spent time that had these beautiful buildings. I got to walk on those stones. I think that she would have liked to. Maybe she did during her Summer in Europe.

So can a person learn to play an instrument? I think that it is all a question of time. Dedicating time to practice, playing and lessons will undoubtedly help. There has to be a desire and a love for the instrument. Playing the piano has always been so ephemeral for me. You play a piece, but it is gone the instant that you finish. When you write, the work stays on the paper or in the file. Recording music is easier now, so the time is right.

The piano is looking forward to my playing with it today. I am looking forward to our play date too. I will play some Bach and some little ditty. There is a Sonatina that I want to learn. If i can polish it, I can record it and upload.

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