Good Spirit Kitchen

The box of recipes from my mother-in-law’s kitchen sat on top of the stove covered in dusty cobwebs. I took my time and cleaned it off gently and respectfully. I knew that the spirit of the gentle, strong woman who had cooked breads and entrees in that small space was right beside me. She was wondering what I would make there.

This is the woman who loved the man whom I love first and always, his dear Mom, Mrs. Virginia Mae.

The box is still unopened. I was going to open it that day but decided to wait for a more appropriate time. It was still Spring and time for generating new things, not bringing out and healing things from the past.

Now, it is Fall and the time is right. Today, I will open the box. Inside the box are such faithfuls as Stroganoff and some surprising twists like Pineapple Hot Dog Salad. Her flowing and neat script told me that she was a Romantic, but practical.

There were some recipes in the wooden box that had been collected from the back of food boxes or bags, but most were typed onto the large note cards or written in cursive. These were Mrs. Virginia Mae’s gift to her son. She left us her loving way with foods.

She’s my mother in law. She is with me and will never disappear. She will be with me as we discover her recipes and some new ones.

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  1. My mom and my grandmother were both great cooks. I’m sure Mom would be pleased by your own cooking skills and your interest in her recipes.

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