Grad School Application

The grad school application is due in less than ten days. As part of the application, I have to submit a ten page writing sample, a letter of intent and a C.V..

The writing sample is an academic essay discussing any topic showcasing the writer’s talents. It will be approximately 2,500 words long. I am all right with that and am working on something about PTSD. I can’t post it on here until they give me an answer about my acceptance in mid-October.

Most universities in the United States require similar entrance requirements. Some require a GRE exam also. I have taken that test in the past and did well. I cannot retake it because it does cost quite a bit

Why go to Grad School?

I want to delve deeper into writing and literature. I want to learn to be a better writer and gain professional expertise and skills. I think that in Grad School, you are under pressure to write clearly and concisely. It will probably improve the quality of my posts.

I love school. I was injured in an automobile accident when I was ten and was homeschooled for years before I returned to school in ninth grade. I always loved to learn. There was a big push in my family to learn. My uncle used to say that you only stop learning when you die.

I think that working at the University will follow my studying there. I hope that I will be able to work there later. The ultimate goal is to become employed and contribute to the world and to my family.

Can’t I just work with a Bachelor’s?

I can. I can work with a Bachelor’s Degree. I can find work as a staff writer creating content for a nice company. I have big concerns over my SMI interfering with that and wonder if I can work for myself for a while.

I would like to generate an income stream from this and my other blogs to support myself and quit relying on others. I get lost in that because when you work for yourself, there is much more pressure because you have to wear all the hats. You have to be the boss, the workers and the support staff. There never seem to be enough hours in the day. My doctor introduced me to planning the day at a time. Luv her.

Grad school will be expensive.

I will need to come up with fourteen hundred dollars per semester for tuition and find a way to cover books. I wonder if I can try to acquire funding from some outside source. There are grants, scholarships and stipends. I just have to investigate. Meanwhile, there are the basics: laundry, food, transportation, supplies and health.

There is another wrinkle and that is stress. My doctor has already warned me that she will not endorse anything that adds stress. I have tried to explain to her that sitting on the bench can be more stressful than reaching for your dreams.

Location Miami, Florida USA E-mail Hours M - Th 8 - 10 PM EST and Saturday 4 - 8 PM EST
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