Mindfulness Practice

I started to be quiet three days ago. I have been practicing mindfulness for four years. I didn’t have a private coach until I spoke with my doctor last week and she mentioned mindfulness. She said that she took time every morning for mindfulness. I decided to do it, too.

I knew that mindfulness worked for suppressing the tendency to overeat. If you are experiencing your food moment to moment, not only do you eat slower but you enjoy it more. Mindfulness helps people lose weight

Mindful eating

You look at the plate and notice the food. You smell it and try to detect at least three different aromas. Then, you take small bites of your food, chewing slowly, trying to relish every bite. It takes twenty minutes for your brain to realize that you are full. If you eat slowly, you will probably feel full before you finish that big plate.

The mindfulness coach is an app called, well, the Mindfulness Coach. The app is a free download and I find it very helpful so far. It has practice, training, logs and goalkeeping. I like the little tree. As you gain experience with mindfulness in this app it shows this cute tree growing. My tree has two trunks now and a few leaves. It started off as a little leaf.

Mindfulness and Emotions

I am very peaceful lately and don’t feel very amped up or down either. It’s more fun to do boring things because you are experiencing them mindfully. Yesterday, I was cleaning and touched the inside of the plastic gloves, felt the temperature of the water through them and enjoyed being there. It was great.

Now, it is the day before Fall. I always take this time to assess my Spring projects which I work on during Summer. Did I complete anything? What has gone really well? Where do I need to put in more work? There were many things that I wanted to achieve, but did not. There were also things that I did do that I thought that I couldn’t.

Mindfulness and SMI

Mindfulness and SMI can be a bizarre combination. My SMI creates mood swings and emotional reactions. Mindfulness helps me because I experience the emotion with detachment, knowing that it will pass and refraining from judging the emotion. If my mood takes a dip, I notice it and realize that it will pass.

It really takes a lot of work. For a long time, I was not aware that I had mood swings and would always think that external sources were the reason for my distress. The weather, my friends, my job, etc. were the reasons why I felt so bad. The weather, my friends, my job, etc. were the reasons why I felt so good. I was always on a roller coaster. The people around me and I were exhausted.

I am not cured but by the grace of God every day I seem to be finding new tools. Mindfulness is not meditation or anything. It is a way of experiencing the moment without judging it or yourself. So far, so good.

This link is for a magazine devoted to Mindfulness


This link is for the Mindfulness Coach app.*


* This link is for the Apple version, and I used the Android.

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