The Joker

I was horrified because this portrayal was of a mentally ill person killing others in a rampage. He was some kind of monster whom Batman had to save the innocents from.

I had met many people in groups and other places, hospitals and clinics, who had all kinds of problems. There were people schizophrenia, depression, antisocial people, people with PTSD, anxiety, etc.. Never had I seen anyone act like that, and I had met hundreds of people.

It sells tickets. In the book About Us, that I have posted about before, an essayist talks about a Knots Berry Farm Ride which was supposed to use virtual reality to take the customer into a ward for the mentally ill. It was billed as frightening and spooky.

So these Knots Berry Farm promoters were using the public fascination with psychology and exploiting people with the disorders to make money. After public outcry, they had to close the ride.

We do it.

“This heat is driving me crazy.”

“They drive like maniacs in Italy.”

“Donald Trump has something wrong with his brain.”

“Joe Biden needs to be placed in a nice home for the mental.”

Everyone seems to utilize these sayings to make illness into something to ridicule or laugh about. Anyone who has had an episode and it’s subsequent recovery process knows the pain enough to know that it is nothing to laugh about.

We are the invisible. We might be right next to you at the supermarket. We might be sitting next to you at Starbucks having a latte and a scone. You will never know that sometimes we struggle with feelings, thoughts and behavior patterns that sometimes even we don’t understand.

Then again, when 1 in 5 of people in the U.S. have something, chances are many more families know what is really going on. It is a way of living that is full of ups and downs, but all ways are like that. It’s time that people stop exoticizing people with differences and just sit down and read about it from the people who know and then meet the people who know firsthand.

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