Genug. I think that is the German word for enough!

I am SO positive that many people are watching the demonstrations of anger in Cuba right now. They are hoping that everyone settles down without loss of life.

I am hoping that everything settles down but that there is finally some change. If you grow up in a place where you can never speak your mind and tell the truth, what happens to you? If you grow up in a place where there is never enough food for you, but the daughter of the party member has plenty, what happens to you? If you grow up as a party member and then see what happens to those who are not, what happens to you?

There have been so many murders perpetrated by the government of Cuba on its citizens. The Cuban exile community in Miami and other places have not forgotten their lost family members. There are still people missing.

There are so many people living in exile who lost everything but their lives 63 years ago, so many children who grew up without, so many struggles that finally one has to say, ¡Basta ya!

Help Cuba be free: I am not affiliated with the CANF I just don’t know what else to do. I trust that org because they have existed in Miami for decades and have never given up on a free Cuba. Maybe if Cuban people see that the lies that they have been told about “imperialism” are just fabrications created to keep Cubans on the island from enjoying a friendship and sense of community with their neighbors, they will no longer allow the Cuban government to manipulate them.

Family members in exile miss their people and the air of Havana, but they now know freedom. We went without for many years when my family came from Cuba in 1969, but I had everything that a child could ever want. I felt free and happy. I know that I am blessed to have grown up here. I would have liked to have grown up in my mother’s home so that she could have been happier, but now there is a chance for a whole generation of Cuban children to see life as my grandmother used to say between the two most beautiful flags in the world, the U.S.A.’s and the Cuban.

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