Mondays are the best

Usually on Sunday nights, my husband and I work late. He is busy editing for the newspaper, and I am writing for magazines.

After making sure that all of our work is submitted before the editors and publishers get in Mondays, we go to sleep Sunday night, or sometimes early Monday mornings. So, we sleep in on Monday mornings and then get up and start off to a wonderful breakfast.

My husband makes breakfast and I make dinner. We both eat. 😉 Today, we had scrambled eggs and toast with this kind of olive oil based spread that looked like butter and tasted delicious. Yum.

My husband got me started on breakfast. I used to just grab a cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal and go. He used to have a donut stick and a cup of tea. Now, we make sure that we sit down and eat.

Now, we will seek out more work, find markets for work we have completed and finish work that we have started. Sometime, we will find time to pet the cats.

1 thought on “Mondays are the best

  1. Breakfast is a great way to start the day! Eggs, cereal, even pancakes. And juice of course.


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