The great day

Last night, I finished formatting Into the Light, my first book of poetry. It was written over ten years ago. The poems are free verse with tension, drama and imagery. I like them a lot and hope to interest a publisher.

After sending out the essay to Moida and being accepted for publication, I felt a newfound confidence about my writing and decided to pursue publication for Into the Light.

I read in Poets & Writers that many people feel similar bouts of self-doubt about their writing. It was a wake-up call for me. I just thought that I was a depressed person who did not want to write. My husband asked me how I felt when I wrote, and I replied that it felt great, like I was doing what I was meant to do. Then, he said that it didn’t sound like I was someone who did not want to write.

I have an article pending for Video Librarian that I feel bad about because I think that I kept the editor waiting. Actually, we had not set a deadline for that one. Plus, Voyage, the brilliant young adult zine has a short story in hand and they might publish. One thing at a time but everything in sequence.

Aside from the self-doubt, there is love for the kids. When I finish a piece, even if it is a sales brochure, I love it as though it were a kid that had been in my womb. I feel this odd clinging need to keep it rather than submit. My friend the pianist says that I am afraid that my kids won’t be liked at school. That’s what it’s like.

Recently I have been getting better and sending stuff out. Blogging has been such a liberation for me because I can write here and work my muscles. I should have more regular content coming out soon like I said a few months back. I hope that you will like it.


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