Setting a timer

Every day, I start a timer and write until the timer goes off. It is a kitchen timer designed and painted to look like a ladybug. It’s cute. I have been writing in 30 minute bursts. After each ring, I will get up and move my body.

If I don’t move around, I find that my knees will start to get sore. If I do it for less than 30 minutes, it seems that the flow is quenched just when it is starting to get going. Setting a timer is not my idea.

It’s called the Pomodoro method. It is fun and helps when you derail easily. I put a notepad and pen next to me or a tablet, then start writing. If anything interrupts the 30 minute block, I just write that down in the “for later” pad and keep on writing.

The breaks are sacred, too. I don’t let the work get in the way of watering the plants, enjoying a meditation break or playing with the cat. After four sets of 30 minute blocks, or Pomodoros, I take a 20 minute break to eat or stretch. Sometimes, I will use the 20 minute break to do something on the “for later” list.

Since I started the method, I find that I get more done. Right now, I am juggling quite a number of projects, plus my health is still not optimal, so I need to use every time-management method that I learn about to keep me focused.

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