Camp NaNoWriMo

There are two sessions: one in March and one in July. During the session, you make a commitment to your writing. You say to yourself and to a large community of writers that you are in it to win it.

At the beginning of the Camp, you state your goal and begin. Then, you start writing. There is a dashboard that helps you track your progress. It’s intense because you are supposed to write towards your goal every day. Along the way, you are awarded badges and other treats. There are weekly inspirational talks given by all kinds of published writers. You can listen in over the webinars.

In March, I participated in the Camp but I was also doing the Slice of Life Challenge and did not do much at Camp. I am stoked for July. I am going to announce my project after this post and get to work. So far, I have written some of a novel and finished a book of poetry. It’s very ambitious, but I want to get through the second revision of the book of poetry, Into the Light, and as far into the novel as I can.

It’s quite an order because of my doctor’s appointments and other daily dramas. My household is a writer’s paradise, so I am very lucky.

In Florida, there is a great anxiety and grief over the condominium that collapsed last week. It’s horrible to think about all of those people and their tragic deaths. Could it have been prevented?

Then, there is a storm headed toward us. Always. But, the anxiety has to be conquered and fear mastered or nothing gets done. I am excited about Camp and hope that it works out. I haven’t decided whether to write the cyberpunk or the memoir first. My spiritual advisor would probably be a great one to tell me how to proceed being an artist himself, but he is gone away. Oh how I miss him. I think of him every day.

To Camp.

Location Miami, Florida USA E-mail Hours M - Th 8 - 10 PM EST and Saturday 4 - 8 PM EST
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