The Talent Show

Every year, the hospital puts on a talent show. All kinds of art is displayed. Veterans of all branches take out their easels, guitars and even macrame to get ready for the competition.

They have different categories for the contestants. There is a visual art component, a musical component, a dance component and poetry and theater. It’s pretty well rounded and everyone can add something to the show.

I love the artist Sting. I think that he is soo talented that God just gave him a little extra. All of his songs are different from one another and show his diverse influences. His lyrics are intelligent and funny.

Last year, at the show, my husband and I did a parody of his piece, An Englishman in New York. It was funny, and the crowd really got into it. It was called A Spaceman in the 305. That’s a phone prefix. I took the music off of his song and my husband and I sang our lyrics over it. We didn’t win, but had a lot of fun.

This year, we can’t participate because of our schedules with work. Talent shows are a way for new artists to show their work in front of an audience and judge response. The crowd will let you know if they like you. It’s a rush to get in front of a packed house and perform.

I think that I did a terrible job last year because I was in the middle of having an allergic reaction to something that I had eaten. My feet and ankles were so swollen that you couldn’t tell where my calf ended and my foot began. But, my husband’s book was the topic. The characters that we played in the musical number were from his book, Aggie and Agent X. At least we had fun.

I want to do something again. Remember, if you think that you want to share art with the world, don’t worry about looking silly. Just do it. Art helps you and the people who will enjoy it. As I work on this poetry book’s editing, I like the poems. I can’t wait to share them.

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