Revising Into the Light

Into the Light was my first collection of poems. I had it sent to the LOC and registered my copyright many years ago. I had a different name then and had not finished my Bachelor’s Degree, yet.

Reading it again last year was quite an experience. I noticed that it was a loose collection without a central theme. The poems were banal at times and really self-conscious at other times. There was one that sounded like I was just trying to be clever. It had no love.

At the time, it was not that I was thinking that the poems were perfect. I was just spurting this stuff out like a little mustard geyser without considering the stains or the bitter taste. I was in a hurt period in my life and the poems reflected that.

Last year, I heard about a poetry contest and pulled Into the Light out of the drawer, so to speak, and entered the contest. It didn’t win. After some time during which i focused on other projects, I pulled it out again to revise. From now on, I will never send out a first draft no matter how good the prize looks or how doable the deadline. I thought that I had to send something in just to keep my goal of submitting something every month.

Now, I am in deep. I am revising the collection.

Revising is not editing or proofreading. I am adding things, lines, entire poems and imagery to flesh out the skeletal sounding poems. Then, I am cutting the things that just don’t add value to the work. So far, I have revised three poems. My deadline for having it completed is July 31, 2021. It’s right around the corner but I like tight deadlines.

I hope that others out there are writing, too. Blessings.

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