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I am at the library today performing research on the peace movement. First, I arrived and wrote out my purpose statement for the final piece of writing that I will do. I wanted to do this first so that I have a clear idea in my mind of what I hope to accomplish by writing this piece.

The library is sedate and very comfortable for writing. There is overhead lighting, but it is not a glaring light. the computers are great and really easy to work with. It is not hot or noisy. The people who help the patrons are nice, friendly and helpful. Really, I feel lucky to be in such a place to conduct research.

Picture of the library from the outside. Large, modern style building with swaying palms and trees in front.  Sculpture, too.

Soon, I will start working on the library’s database to gain the historical data for the research project that I am working on. I wanted to write a little bit first to get the brain muscles working.

In the writing manuals at college, meaning was very important for writing. It is not enough to write, what is the purpose of the writing? I have to decide. I guess that any blog can be a place for a person to share ideas and fun anecdotes about their lives. Also, to post pictures is wonderful. I have a WordPress friend that shares pictures of her country, and she is far away. I love seeing the beautiful landscapes, so different from my urban setting. That is great. The purpose there is to entertain and to enliven. A blog can also be a place for person to discuss a certain skill level. That way that can instruct. There is so much there.

I think that I remember that when blogs first started, they were just like mini-diaries. People would share little vignettes about their lives. That is really wonderful for a historian because he or she can view how the daily lives of anyone changes while the greater society revolves around, striking in at itself, or stretching out.

This past year, because of all of the revolution in the United States, we learned a lot about how people can just be together without being together. There were people who braved illness to stand and walk for justice. There were others who stayed at home to brave solitude for their loved ones. There were others who stayed home to survive having the courage to suffer the tears and pangs of a lonely, mundane room. Survivor’s guilt.

This research is important to me because I firmly believe in peace. I think others do, too.

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